My team and I would again like to express our thanks for your support throughout the Etchell Regatta. The on-water processing has radically improved our ability to service our fleets. A key feature was our ability to send a short text to all entries with a simple click of the button. As usual, all competitors had their results before even returning to the dock.
— Rob Ridley, RSYS Principal Race Officer
Many thanks for processing the Couta Series results so promptly yesterday. It meant we were ready to present our prizes as part of the Gaffers presentation and show a seamless process. Also special thanks for the race administration behind the whole series to get the boats entered and handicapped. Regards and thanks.
— Adrian Broadbent, Vice Commodore, RPEYC
“When I was looking for an alternative race management system, and I saw that SailSys was 100% cloud based, it was a no brainer. It means I don’t need a physical workspace, I can pick my laptop, a friend’s tablet or my phone and I can execute my race management responsibilities anywhere, anytime.

Furthermore the depth of the Handicapping database means handicapping just got a whole lot easier and the results are closer.

While the clubs adopting it gave me confidence, I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with the product and the customer service is amazing.
— Phillip Kilfoy, Vice Commodore, PDYC

On behalf of the whole Committee, I’d like to express our profound thanks for your splendid efforts throughout the Regatta.
It ended up being a much more difficult task than we both had imagined, but you met that challenge at every turn and provided us with a results and handicapping service that was admired by every competitor.

Thanks again for all your patience and expertise. It was a vital – and much appreciated – contribution.
— David Salter, Admiral's Cup Anniversary Regatta Committee

SailSys is particularly good at recording results in close finishes which happens regularly during the Etchells regattas. When 4-6 boats finish within 5 seconds of each other, and presuming that the RO can actually see their sail numbers, it is almost impossible to manually record all sail numbers AND the times. The system allows the operator to click the time grabber which then stores the series of finish times which we can then go back and match against the sail number sequences. In the ‘good old days’, we used to spend 10-30 minutes listening to the ROs recording of the finish and trying to match the sail numbers and times and we would invariably end with … well, if we got it wrong, the competitors will let us know. This doesn’t happen anymore.
The thing I like most about the system is that you can fix EVERY mistake – wrong/missed sail numbers, times, yacht status, start times.
— Senior Volunteer, RSYS Race Management

I have been competing in RSYS sailing events for over 20 years under the current handicapping system. During that period, I have owned 3 yachts. Each time a new boat was entered for races I believe the handicap assessed was fair and equitable. That assessment gave me the opportunity to sail the boat to the best of my ability and achieve some good results. If I did too well, the handicap was adjusted appropriately. The system encourages sailors to try harder each week. This is the secret to good PHS handicapping. I wholly support the SailSys system used at RSYS.
— Malcolm Shaw, RSYS competitor