Simple Pricing

We want your license pricing to be as simple as possible. When you have decided that SailSys is what your club needs, we will discuss your sailing calendar and together we can quickly establish an estimate of how many entrants you are expecting by race in the coming year. This is the estimated annual license fee and is paid in advance.

There are no bolt-ons, you can use all current and future features of SailSys.

After 6 months we will send you a reconciliation of how many entrants you have actually had and discuss if you need to top up the initial fee.

At the end of the 12 month license period, you’ll receive a complete reconciliation.

  • If the season was more successful than expected, there will be a little more to pay - $1 per each additional entrant per race day.

  • If you didn’t get as many entrants as forecast, then any unused credit will roll over to the next 12 month license period!

Subsequent estimated annual license fees will be based on the average of the last two year’s actual usage.

So for example, if you have a twilight series with 10 races, 1 per week, this would simply be $10 per boat for the series. Conversely if you are running a weekend regatta with 2 races on each day (4 races in total), this would simply be $2 per boat, i.e. $1 per race day.

Note all prices exclude GST and local taxes if applicable.

SMS Pricing

The in-platform SMS messaging service is provided by a global 3rd party provider ensuring that:

  1. Your club does not need to maintain yet another account and credit balance to ensure you can SMS when you need it most. We will ensure that you can always access the service.

  2. You can SMS all international numbers with confidence.

We will reconcile and invoice each calendar quarter for your club’s usage.

SMS pricing is cost recovery with a margin to cover FX fluctuations and transactional costs as SailSys is charged in USD.

The price is 10 cents (AUD) per segment. A segment is 160 characters. An automated results SMS is two segments as it includes a dedicated link to the receiving entrants personal race result.

Note that use of the SMS messaging is 100% at the discretion of the club.


SailSys is partnered with Stripe, one of the world’s largest and most trusted payment gateways that allows entrants to pay online for entries. Stripe charges a card processing fee per successful transaction. This is a relationship between Stripe and your club and their fee will be deducted prior to Stripe disbursing collected funds to your club’s nominated bank account. SailSys does not charge any extra fees for online transactions. For Stripes current fees, please click here.